The New York Observer June 28 – July 5, 1999

Want a Steamy Treatise On the Insanity of Riches?

The following is a postcript from the published article…

People frequently ask me what-if anything – I like. My answer is simple. Anything that’s good. That strikes the discriminating sensibility with its originality, beauty or presence. There are two artists out here whose work I like very much. At Lizan-Tops in East Hampton: collagistic work by Dan Rizzie that sits squarely and beautifully astride a splendid tradition that begins with medieval book illumination and descends through the botanical illustration of the Enlightenment to the lapidary work of Anne Ryan and Schwitters. At the Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, paintings-still life and portraits- by Andrea Smith, an American* trained in Florence. Italy and the New World finely fused. If I could afford to have my portrait painted, I’d commission Ms. Smith.

by Michael M. Thomas

*Andrea Smith is Australian